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References > Classic > Sportschloss Velen, Velen - Germany

SportSchloss Velen

Golf in a

Fairytale Castle

Many a visitor to the SportSchloss Velen will feel like being in a fairy tale. Not just because you can have an athletic and relaxing vacation in an exclusive atmosphere. Not just because you can hold seminars and conferences in a very elegant ambience. Rather, because in this romantic castle surrounded by water in picturesque Münsterland in northwestern Germany, you can feel the spirit of a glorious past in every nook and cranny.

The origins of this building date back to the twelfth century. The first owner mentioned in historical documents was Herman I of Velen. At that time, around 1240, the “Castrum Velen” was a small gothic manor house. In subsequent centuries, each owner enlarged the building little by little: a chapel was erected, two lateral wings and a southern wing were added on, and a barbican in the form of a three wing building was finished. Throughout the course of history, the Velen castle complex joined together with the adjacent buildings such as the pheasant house, the bailiff’s lodge, the outbuilding, the orangery, and the park to form a truly idyllic unit.

Since the nineteenth century, the castle has been owned by the Landsberg-Velen family. In 1931, a fire gutted the main building all the way to the outer walls, but it was rebuilt in 1933 and 1934 according to the original plans. Up until 1987, Velen castle housed a school, and since 1988 the complex has been used as a hotel. But with this, the varied history of this building did not draw to a close by any means. Because as recently as 2002, a large-scale restoration was carried out. The goal of this project was to offer hotel guests the most modern of comforts and, at the same time, to emphasize the unique historical character of the building. In the course of the renovation, particularities of the construction had to be taken into consideration again and again. For example, the architects wanted to divide a tower room on the third floor into two rooms. But in breaking through the old chimney facework, the workers discovered steel supports that absolutely had to be left intact as a support structure for the upper onion dome. The particularly elegant solution to this problem: the Foucault Suite, in which the steel supports are used as a design element. Because they form the framework for the Foucault pendulum, which lends its name to the suite (Foucault pendulum: reconstruction by and loan from Rolf and Heidi Jacobi).

An extremely elegant solution was also found for the interior. Because the decision was made for Selva furniture in dark colors that goes extremely well with the dark wood tones of the preexisting furnishings. In this way, success was achieved in continuing the classic castle style. In so doing, the Selva furniture in no way had an old-fashioned effect, but rather it is completely convincing with timeless charm and spirit.

This particular blend proved to be perfect for the needs of the castle, which is both a conference center and a sport hotel. In addition, with the furnishing of the three floors, consideration was given to the fact that the colors of the Landsberg-Velen coat of arms – red, yellow, green, and blue – had to play a dominant role. It is for that reason that the predominant color of the carpeting and the decorative and slipcover fabrics on the first floor is red, on the second floor, green; and on the third floor, blue. The wall coloring on all three floors is yellow. The dark Selva furniture forms precisely the right contrast to this “color mix” and thus achieves a very harmonious overall image. The durability of Selva furniture was also decisive for the operators of the hotel.

Because Selva finishes are specially designed for the hotel industry with a lacquer that is scratchproof as well as being water-resistant and acid-resistant. With these finishes, one can be certain that these pieces will not only be looked upon as beautiful but are also best equipped for the “trying” everyday life in the hotel. The majority of the pieces of Selva furniture created for the Sport-Schloss Velen were made from cherry. This type of wood has a very special radiance of coziness and, in addition, provides a portion of extravagance that is precisely the right level for these surroundings.

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